Aberdeen & North-East Scotland Family History Society

Genealogy's growing popularity is, in a large part, due to the efforts of Scotland's network of family history societies. Since its foundation in 1978, the Aberdeen & N.E. Scotland Family History Society has had more than 21,000 members with a core membership that has exceeded 5,000 per annum.

The Aberdeen & North-East Scotland Family History Society exists to assist and promote the study of genealogy and family history based on the North-East corner of Scotland. This area covers the old counties of Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, Kincardineshire and Morayshire. We also hold records for the whole of Scotland and a considerable amount of data on the rest of the U.K. as well as many places around the world where Scots can be found, which I suppose includes the whole world.

The Society has a research centre in the centre of Aberdeen with a well stocked library and a huge selection of microfilm, microfiche and CD resources. The library has over 5,500 books on its shelves, plus journals from other societies worldwide, magazines, ancestor charts and maps.

Regular meetings are held throughout the year, covering many topics of interest to family historians. Meetings are held in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Elgin, Glasgow and in the West Midlands of England.

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