Buchan Day Opportunities - Willowbank

Through BDO we are running a Shop & Drop service for individuals who for any reason, e.g. ill, new parent, disabled, no internet etc. who cannot get out to do their shopping. This service will come to their house, get their list and money, get their shopping from any shop in Peterhead area and take it back to them, put it in the cupboards if they wish for a nominal fee of £1.50.
The main part of this service is to help people by getting their shopping and also to HAVE A CHAT get to know our customers and help them to feel connected to what may be going on in the area and feel less lonely.
We are also 'hooking up' with other services to inform people what is available to them in the area by handing out information leaflets.

Last updated 17/09/2018

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  • Shops for individuals that are unable to get out of their homes themselves. They may be ill, disabled, old, young family at home, home from hos...

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