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We are a group of patients and survivors who are passionate about placing the patient at the heart of service design and delivery in cancer care and treatment. As well as creating our own projects and co-producing work with other organisations, we are also influencers, scrutinisers and we represent the cancer 'voice' on a variety of strategic boards at every level of decision making.

​We hope to be able to represent the needs of cancer patients in Dundee at both a local and national level going forward and want to make sure your voice is heard. We attend national conferences and public meetings and are happy to attend events as speaking guests. We are committed to ensuring person-centred approaches are embedded in all areas of cancer care. We know how important compassionate communication is for patients during their cancer journey and are working closely with our network partners to ensure these approaches are integrated into all clinical and support services accessed by cancer patients.

Last updated 25/06/2019

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  • We are a patient and survivor-led charity supporting people affected by cancer throughout Tayside.

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