Children In Scotland

Giving all children in Scotland an equal chance to flourish is at the heart of everything we do.

By bringing together a network of people working with and for children, alongside children and young people themselves, we offer a broad, balanced and independent voice. We create solutions, provide support and develop positive change across all areas affecting children in Scotland.

We do this by listening, gathering evidence, and applying and sharing our learning, while always working to uphold children’s rights. Our range of knowledge and expertise means we can provide trusted support on issues as diverse as the people we work with and the varied lives of children and families in Scotland.

Our vision is that all children in Scotland have an equal chance to flourish.

Our priorities:
- Championing the participation and inclusion of children and young people
- Working to ensure that support for children, young people and their families is appropriate, available and accessible
- Challenging inequalities
- Leading and developing the children’s sector workforce
- Continuing as a sustainable organisation.

Last updated 19/10/2018

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