Enable Scotland

ENABLE Scotland is a dynamic charity run by its members. We have three main roles:

We are a charitable organisation founded by the parents of children who had learning disabilities in order to ensure that people who have learning disabilities have the same choices and opportunities in life as everyone else.

We campaign to fight discrimination and inequality and ensure that people who have learning disabilities are regarded as equal members of society.

We are a service provider offering a wide range of person-centred services designed to ensure that people who have learning disabilities can live the life they want and actively participate in their community.

Last updated 17/09/2018

Contact information

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  • The Money Matters service offers money and debt advise to people with learning disabilities and the carers caring for a person with learning dif...

    Learning Disability, Money Advice

    Glasgow City, Lanarkshire

  • ENABLE Scotland works with families living with learning disabilities throughout Scotland. We support parents with children who have learning di...

    Learning Disability, Parent & Family Support


  • Everyone likes to have friends, but sometimes people find it hard to make friends. It might be because they don't know where to go to meet n...

    Learning Disability


  • We support people who have learning disabilities to get a job.
    We know that with the right support, everyone can find work.

    Having ...

    Learning Disability, Employability


  • Many people who have a learning disability live in their own home. Sometimes it can be helpful to have some support at home with things like coo...

    Learning Disability, Independent Living, Housing Support