FFU Scotland CIC

FFU Scotland CIC are a registered non profit social enterprise organisation for fibromyalgia in Scotland. SC563212

The organisation provides information/education, support and advocacy for fibromyalgia sufferers and care support across Scotland through various social media platforms and in communities.

FFU Scotland aim to support, empower and inspire those with fibromyalgia on their journey and many who have had support and have come to a level of acceptance and self management , now feel inspired to offer voluntary time to support and inspire others.

Members can currently join us on facebook platform and access information advice and signposting as well as gaining a connection with other fibromites, as many with the syndrome are extremely isolated.

Referrals for community based services can be made through our email , phoning our office or facebook message. These can be self referrals and professional.

FFU services are still in development and will be fully advertised however at present the advocacy service, including benefits advice and support, support meetings, information drop ins and volunteering are all commenced.

Last updated 17/09/2018

Contact information

01294 537566