Four Pillars


Four Pillars’ mission is the supply & provision of barrier contraception, peer education & information to support the LGBT+ community in manners of Mental, Emotional, Physical & Sexual Health thereby promoting informed choices and reducing the prevalence of HIV and other STIs.

It is Four Pillars belief that in order to look after a person’s sexual health we must also look after their mental, emotional and physical health simultaneously. For example; we understand that if a person is not in the right frame of mind to look after their basic needs (health & safety) they are less likely to look after their sexual health, increasing their chance of HIV & STI transmissions.

We will work closely with the community to better educate individuals to look after their needs in relation to Emotional & Mental health by attending colleges, universities and other venues with information and educational material.
Improve the physical health of individuals across Grampian by supplying educational material and paramount information on related topics.
We will always work with each person on an individual basis and refrain from judgement of personal circumstances, age, sexual orientation, race, religion or gender.
Work closely with the community and encourage networking between individuals and organisations to improve the health of all.
We aim to encourage and provide opportunities for service users & volunteers to develop & grow.
We will aim to work closely with other organisations including public and third sector agencies to sign post individuals based on personal requirements.

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