NHS Grampian - Community Chaplaincy Listening

Community Chaplaincy Listening (CCL) is a service provided by NHS Grampian's Healthcare Chaplains who are experienced and trained in active listening.

CCL makes it possible for you to meet with a member of staff who will listen to your story.

How does it work?
Whether you are a patient, carer or member of staff, it offers you space to talk about what troubles you, makes you anxious or upset. It is confidential, non-judgmental and open to all. It may help you to reflect on your situation, change how you see things and help with coping strategies. Your GP, another healthcare professional or a member of the healthpoint/carerspoint staff may suggest you make an appointment or you can refer yourself.

Religion or spirituality will not be spoken about, unless raised by you.

The appointment time allocated is 50 minutes.

Last updated 16/10/2018

Contact information

01224 553316


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