Nurture Scotland

Nurture Scotland has been established by Trustees and Staff who are professionals with personal experience of fostering and kinship caring. We can empathise with carers and we have the knowledge and skills to assist Kinship Carers and their families to care effectively. It is now almost universally accepted that the best type of care for looked after children is care that is fully integrated within the living and working community, where everyone concerned lives in a family setting – Kinship Care.

Kinship Carers have an extremely important role that is increasing in complexity and is inevitably becoming more regulated. Kinship Carers tend to become carers unexpectedly and at a time of crisis. This can make them feel isolated and lack confidence. Nurture Scotland is here to assist Kinship Carers in their demanding role. We are here to support Kinship Carers and their families to welcome and help successfully integrate cared for children and young people into their homes and communities.

Last updated 17 Sep 2018, 4:33 p.m.

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  • Support available includes:

    One to one support and emotional support
    Advice on carers’ rights and benefits
    Attend formal meeti...

    Rights & Representation, Adoption & Foster Care

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