South Lanarkshire Council Brain Injury Service


This service is staffed by a full time Occupational Therapist who will offer rehabilitation to anyone that has sustained a brain injury subject to the referral criteria listed below:
◦Anyone living in the South Lanarkshire Council area
◦Aged over 16
◦Are medically stable
◦Do not have significant behavioural issues
◦Any ongoing mental health issues are being managed
◦Service users with substance misuse issues can be reviewed but may not be suitable for the service if they are unable to engage in rehabilitation

The rehabilitation service focuses on the assessment and management of cognitive difficulties and their impact upon daily activity. Goals are set with the person with the ultimate aim of maximising independence.

Types of support available may include:
◦Information and advice about brain injury for the person and their carers
◦Support emotional needs following injury
◦Management of thinking skills
◦Help to relearn skills or new ways of completing tasks
◦Advice for returning to work
◦Signposting to local support groups

Last updated 26/11/2018

Contact information

0303 123 1008


  • Community brain injury rehabilitation.

    Opening hours: 8.45am - 16.45pm Monday to Thursday and 8.45am - 6.15pm Friday.

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