Take Control


If you are looking for help with self-directed support (SDS) in East Dunbartonshire or South Lanarkshire, our Take Control services may be able to help. We provide information and can help you set up and manage your support arrangements.

Self Directed Support
The Scottish Parliament has passed a new law on social care support, the Social Care (Self-directed Support)(Scotland) Act 2013. The Act now gives you a range of options for how your support is delivered. It gives you the right to decide how much control and responsibility you want over your own support arrangements.

Self-directed Support is where you arrange some or all of your support instead of receiving services from your local authority Social Work Services. Self-directed Support gives you genuine control over the day to day support that you need.

Take Control is a Self Directed Support Service providing information and assistance to enable all eligible people to explore the 4 options for independent living.

We have a support service in both East Dunbartonshire and South Lanarkshire.

For more information visit the Take Control in East Dunbartonshire page or visit the Take Control in South Lanarkshire page.

Last updated 08/01/2020