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Due to covid-19 and lock-down, we are unfortunately unable to work in the café at present. As I work for Crossreach and work with people in recovery of addictions and family members affected by addiction at the café we have pulled our projects together to offer a different kind of service.
Crossreach in Dundee normally run The R and R Café, Recovery at the Friary, Rosebuds and SMART Recovery meetings.

During lock-down we realise that people have lost a lot of support and this could have a knock on effect to their recovery.
We have came together to offer group online support and one to one phone or online support.
12-1PM A S.M.A.R.T. Recovery based online meeting with Lucie.
2pm-3pm, Relapse prevention on-line meeting with Stan.
S.M.A.R.T. Recovery based on-line meeting with Lucie.
2pm-3pm, Relapse Prevention on-line meeting with Stan.
2pm-3pm (beginning, 13th May) A LADIES ONLY Meeting, covering any topic and/or general chat. With Lucie (who is trained in, Domestic Abuse, Sexual Crimes including Rape, support after murder, Suicide prevention ASSIST course, and mental health first aid)
2pm-3pm Relapse Prevention meeting with Stan.
2pm-3pm A S.M.A.R.T. Recovery based meeting with Lucie.
2pm-3pm Informal, general chat group, where people get the chance to meet up with others on-line.
Each group is run through a 'goto' meeting, The code for each meeting with Lucie is 169-810-093. All welcome.
Can I just say that if someone needs support on any of the above they can also contact me on 07384836092. I will phone back so no worry about credit. You can ask someone else to refer you to me, giving your details through text or email at

Each meeting for Stan's group will have a different code each day and contact can be made in the first instance to Stan on 07384836091. (Mon-Wed only)

Along with the support offered above, one to one phone support is also available.
We have opened up our support via phone to people who are still in the throws of their addiction to try help in any way we can.

We are unable to continue with the bags of food due to working from home at present but we can help with advice on where to go for help with food and fuel issues. We can also initiate calls on your behalf.

On a more serious note anyone who is struggling with domestic abuse can be re-assured that we will work at your pace and will not force you to take matters further if you do not wish that to happen except in cases where the threat to life is imminent.
Confidentiality applies to all support provided.
Please leave a message if you do not get an answer or send a text, in the case of being unable to accept a return phone call leave instructions over message and/or a friend's details can be accepted for a return call.
We want everyone to feel as safe as they can and welcome any way in which we can achieve this. Do not hesitate to ask a friend to call on your behalf if that is the best way for you.

Normally we would be:
A Community Café situated within Coldside Parish Church, Main Street, Dundee. Café is open on a Friday from 11am -2pm (Last food orders 1.30pm) and run by people in recovery of addictions or family members of someone with an addiction.
Open to people in recovery of addictions, family members of people with addictions and the general public. A safe space for people to make friends, learn new skills and grow in confidence due to our non-judgmental and welcoming attitude.
Hot filled rolls for sale at reasonable prices to enable as many people as possible to be able to attend.
We also work towards helping our community to combat poverty and loneliness.

Opportunities to volunteer at the café, ask for Lucie.

Last updated 05/05/2020

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