Nemo Arts


For nearly 20 years, we have been leaders in providing high-quality, participatory arts opportunities to support recovery from poor mental health. Our work has received many awards but our proudest achievement is the hundreds of people who have benefited from participating.
We work with four groups: young people, adults in the community, patients in hospitals and people involved with the criminal justice system. Our work improves mental well-being through increasing confidence and self-esteem, improving creative and life skills, and reducing isolation.
Our community work provides a range of weekly creative activities over three 15-week terms per year. After each term, participants share their work in a celebration event, attended by invited guests including family, friends and mental health professionals, alongside the general public.

We aim to:
Improve people’s mental health and wellbeing
Improve knowledge and understanding of mental illness in the community
Reduce stigma and isolation associated with poor mental health

Our objectives are to:
Work with people creatively to improve confidence, skills, self-worth, coping strategies and better understanding of their own recovery journey
Provide public opportunities where participants can share their lived experience through artistic performance and exhibitions
Provide safe, welcoming spaces which include everyone

Last updated 28/10/2021

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