Thera Trust

Thera is a charitable group of companies which support people with a learning disability with a diverse range of needs.

Thera Trust is the parent of Thera Group and provides business and admin support from its office in Grantham. This enables the companies to focus on delivering high quality support locally.

Many of the people that Thera supports have complex needs or have lived in institutional settings for a long time.

Regardless of how complex a person’s needs may be, we support everyone in a person-centred way so that they can live an ordinary life.

As well as supporting people in their own home and in the community, we offer a range of specialist support. This includes helping people to manage their own finances, finding the right place to live, and quality checks.

Thera’s vision is that people with a learning disability can be leaders in society.

To demonstrate our commitment to fulfilling this vision, 8 of our paid directors have lived experience of learning disability. As part of their role, they ensure that Thera remains focused on providing high quality support which meets people’s needs.

Last updated 06/03/2020

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0300 303 1280


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