Uppertunity is a Community Interest Company from Dundee, providing a personal development programme and community activities for adults with learning disabilities and additional support needs. We provide activities and opportunities for individuals to better themselves and their lives.
We offer over 10 weekly groups including therapeutic art, jewellery making, textile groups, gardening skills, and groups that improve physical and mental wellbeing. We also have a personal development program called Daring for Development. This program is aimed at individuals with learning disabilities and additional support needs who are looking to connect with their own aspirations. This program is all about building skills that can be used throughout life and developing the unique talents of the individual. The program takes place over 12 weeks and involves various groups and workshops, as well as one on one support. We also offer a mix of volunteering opportunities to support other like-minded organisations, such as Food Train and Pamis.
This type of volunteering enables our members to see the positive contribution they are making in society and that they are an integral part of it. We believe that everyone has strengths and unique qualities that can positively influence their world. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know how to start. We are here to empower people to move forward with confidence. We have created a safe and nurturing environment, where individuals feel comfortable to test themselves and explore their talent and capabilities. “I feel more at home here than in my house, the people have made me welcome and I feel at peace”

Last updated 15/10/2018

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