My aim is to help people to experience the wonders of Yoga and Pilates.

If you don’t already know, Pilates is a wonderful way of becoming more body aware through gentle, precise, controlled exercises. It’s a wonderful way to improve core strength and flexibility and to be more aware of and to improve posture. Pilates encourages body awareness, which does not just apply to the session, but to daily living, improving the quality of life.

Yoga is an ancient practice of self-discovery. Through breath techniques, physical postures, meditation and self- awareness, body and mind become strong, flexible, calm and whole, and at peace.

I have personally found these practices so important and beneficial both physically and mentally. Yoga and Pilates have helped me through difficult and challenging times in my life.

My target is to make Yoga and Pilates accessible for all. My sessions are non-competitive and a practice of mindful self-discovery, and fun! I often guide students on a one to one basis in the comfort of their own home, to the point where they later join classes.

Last updated 17/09/2018