Renfrewshire Interfaith Group

by Renfrewshire Interfaith Group

Renfrewshire Interfaith Group was formed in 2013 at Wallneuk North Church, Paisley, with the aim of contributing towards the building of a thriving Renfrewshire through the development of strong, healthy relationships between members of all the faith communities within the area.

Working in tandem with Renfrewshire Council and other relevant local organisations, Renfrewshire Interfaith Group seeks to promote a greater understanding of the positive role that faith communities can play in society.

The group also strives to improve the quality of life for local people by working together, throughout the year, on agreed projects, initiatives and events that demonstrate our commitment to encouraging partnership, friendship and co-operation between people of different faiths and public bodies.

Our annual activities reach their culmination in the events of Interfaith Week, a nationwide initiative incorporating many events, and which typically takes place in November.

Last updated 17/10/2019

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