Aortic Dissection patient, family and carer support and advocacy

by Aortic Dissection Awareness UK & Ireland Claimed ( Support Network, Support Group )

The most important of our activities is to provide friendship, support and advice for patients and their family members during their most challenging times. We are delighted to see the increasing number of Aortic Dissection survivors joining our free support network.

Our Facebook Private Group support page is our easiest and most active way of engaging with us (click website below). All discussions are private within the group and any application to join is promptly dealt with.

In addition, our annual flagship event is Aortic Dissection Awareness Day – September 19. Countries from across the globe come together to jointly create awareness for this potentially lethal disease of Aortic Dissection. We bring together patients, families, clinicians, researchers and NHS representatives from across the UK & Ireland to increase awareness, collaboration and accelerating change to improve patient care & outcomes.

Last updated 31 May 2019, 11:05 a.m.

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