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Counselling (Young People)

Our free, confidential and non-judgemental counselling service is for young people (aged 12 to 18) in Midlothian.

Counselling is the chance to talk in confidence about anything that’s worrying you, with a person outside of your daily life who’s trained in listening and putting themselves in other people’s shoes.

You might talk to them about things from the past or the present, or worries you have about your future.

Counsellors can help you deal with a range of issues including:
•relationship problems
•self-esteem problems
•self harm
•eating problems

Counselling can help you understand the way you feel, think and act. It can also help you feel more in charge of your life and able to make positive decisions for yourself.

Your counsellor’s job is to listen to you and support you without judging you.

Delivered across:
  • Midlothian

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