Creating Compassionate Children

by Fostering Compassion

This programme sees us run a variety of animal and nature themed activities specially designed to help vulnerable children see animals as sentient beings who can share similar emotions to them. Our method of sharing the stories of rescued domestic and wild animals, presented in such a way that the children draw parallels between their own circumstances and those of the animals, often provides a platform for the children to open up about their own abuse and neglect.

Through sharing the stories of rescued animals, the children gain a greater understanding of their own circumstances by relating their feelings to those of the animals. This helps turn worrying behaviour towards animals, often as a result of the child’s own abuse and neglect, into nurturing and compassionate behaviour, helping play a part in reversing the cycle of abuse. The children also learn compassion and care for the world we live in and about protecting the environment.

Last updated 30/09/2020

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