Family Links Service

by Rosemount Lifelong Learning Claimed ( Parent & Family Support )

Family Links provides a support service allowing families to deal with and positively overcome issues surrounding drug and alcohol misuse. All of our staff has expertise working with children and families affected by drugs and alcohol

For children affected by parental drug or alcohol misuse we can offer:

One-to-one work on issues with confidence, feelings and behaviour
Issue-based group work
A Holiday Programme
For parents we offer:

One-to-one support, group work
The Addiction Recovery Support Women’s Group
Specifically adapted one-to-one parenting programmes

Social work teams, the North Glasgow Community Addiction Team, Family Support groups, Health Visitors and GPs can make a referral to the Family Links Team. Parents can also self-refer.

Last updated 25 Feb 2019, 11:22 a.m.

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