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Glasgow Homelessness Service

Glasgow Homelessness Service provides a service for people who are dealing with a crisis due to addiction (primarily alcohol) and are also homeless or sleeping rough.

The service provides three facilities within their Commerce Street premises – a one stop drop in centre, a crisis residential unit and a long stay unit.

One Stop

Open 365 days a year, this service aims to provide 24-hour assessment and advice related to homelessness and addiction.

Every person who comes into the service is offered an assessment to determine their support needs. They may then be admitted to the crisis residential unit or directed to other relevant local agencies such as homeless addiction teams, homeless health services and social work departments.

Crisis Residential Unit

The unit provides a secure environment for up to 12 people to withdraw from a chaotic lifestyle. Services include alcohol detoxification, support planning and structured group work. The average stay is between 4-6 weeks.

Long Stay Unit

During an average stay of 6-9 months, residents will receive support to gain the life skills needed to resettle in the community. Through individual support planning, residents will be encouraged to make positive life changes. Opportunities to gain access to education, leisure and social activities will also be made available

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