Homelessness Services

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The Homeless Services Unit is the main reception point in Dundee for all homeless or potentially homeless clients. We can provide an advice and information service to anyone finding themselves homeless or threatened with homelessness and will do our best to find suitable temporary accommodation if it is required. Such accommodation is dependent on the individual needs and circumstances of a person together with the accommodation that is available. If you call at the Homeless Services Unit you will be interviewed by a Homeless Prevention Officer.

What happens?
You will be interviewed by a Homeless Prevention Officer to assess your current situation. You will have to answer a number of standard questions and we will help you to complete a Homeless Person's application form, if necessary. Depending on the outcome of the interview, we may arrange accommodation within our own service or make a referral on your behalf to another organisation in the city. If we arrange accommodation through another organisation you may have to pay a service charge. This will be explained to you at your interview.

When is the Homeless Service available?
The Homeless Service is available 24 hours a day all year round. Homeless officers are only available during normal working hours and an appointment will usually be necessary. However, we do accept emergency admissions both during normal working hours and outwith normal working hours.

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