Money Advice Service

by South West Aberdeenshire Citizens Advice Bureau (SWACAB)

The areas covered by our Money Adviser are:

Benefits: Help with your benefits, Child Benefit, Universal Credit, Benefits at work

Births, deaths and family: Divorce and Separation, Maternity and Paternity rights, Having a baby, When someone dies, Making a will

Budgeting and managing money: Running a bank account, Managing money, Student and Graduate money, Cutting costs

Care and disability: Support for Carers, Illness and Disability, Care advice and help, Paying for care

Cars and travel: Travel money and sending money abroad, Running a car, How to buy a car, How to sell a car

Debt and borrowing: Before you borrow, Taking control of Debt, Mortgage and Rent problems, Help with Loans, Credit Cards and Credit Ratings

Homes and mortgages: Buying a home, Renting and letting, Types of mortgage, Help with mortgages

Insurance: Car Insurance, Life and Protection insurance, Home insurance, Pet insurance, Travel insurance, Help with Insurance

Saving and Investing: Types of savings, How to invest money, Types of investment

Work, Pensions and Retirement: Jobs and tax, Redundancy, Pension basics, Types of pension, Automatic enrollment, Retirement income basics, Types of retirement income

Last updated 17/09/2018

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