My Life Dynamic - hearME

by Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH)

hearME is an Aberdeenshire wide peer led movement that brings the voices of lived experience together to help inform how mental health services should evolve throughout Aberdeenshire.

For those living with a mental health problem, we have an important voice in making positive change to the way services are provided and run. hearME allows your voice to be heard by those who can help make a difference.

Through a programme of regular events, from hearME world conversation cafe’s to informal group-get-togethers, our Community Peer Facilitators will work with you, and other groups, to talk about mental health in communities across Aberdeenshire.

hearME helps to empower local communities to champion social inclusion, challenge stigma and discrimination and create change networks. It also links you with others throughout the area who have an interest in improving their own, and others mental health, to come together to make a real difference.

Last updated 17/09/2018

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