Pilates Classes

by LC PhysiotheraPilates

Pilates exercise classes are designed to strengthen the deep abdominals, as well as the lower back and gluteal muscles. By strengthening your ‘core’ you provide the rest of your body with a strong, stable base from which to move.

By emphasising breathing and body movements you can learn how to co-ordinate these and how to control both your breathing and movements. This allows you to finish our classes feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

We offer morning and evening Pilates classes throughout Aberdeen and the Shire. Each Pilates class will have a maximum of 14 participants and will be taught by a physiotherapist and APPI trained Pilates matwork instructor. Individual correction and advice will be provided throughout the class by our Pilates instructor. Blocks are 6 weeks long at a cost of £48.

Last updated 17/09/2018

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