Rent Recovery And Welfare Reform

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Housing and Homelessness, Money

We understand that there are many reasons why you may have rent arrears and will deal with this in an understanding way. However, rent arrears are a serious problem and can lead to the tenant losing the tenancy of your home.

If you are having difficulties paying your rent we strongly advise you to seek advice as soon as possible from the Rent Recovery Centre. Staff are there to offer help and assistance and all interviews are held in confidence.

Rent Control staff will:
•ensure that you receive help in claiming your full housing benefit entitlement
•advise you of other agencies to contact that can help you claim all benefits to which you may be entitled
•allow reasonable repayment instalments to be made
•advise you of alternative methods of payment of rent (see the section "Your rent and ways to pay")
•conduct all interviews on rent arrears in private

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