Rosebank Garden

by Carr Gomm

Rosebank Garden service provides support for individuals experiencing mental health and/or addictions. The service is community based and attached to allotments that are shared between us and members of the local community.

The vision is that the service is integrated within the local community and will help to raise awareness, acceptance and understanding of people with mental health problems and addictions as well as reducing stigma and social isolation for the people we support.

The team works with individuals and groups, helping to bring routine and structure back to their day; to help people develop new skills and to think and plan future development regarding education and employment.

As well as learning gardening skills, the service also offers a number of other activities including a walking group as well as arts and crafts.

Last updated 17/09/2018

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Contact information

 0141 776 8356
This service is under the category: Food & Nutrition , Community Garden , Addiction , Conditions , Mental Health