Weigh To Go

by North Lanarkshire Leisure Limited (NLL)

Weigh To Go is a 15 week slimming programme designed to change your body shape and how you feel about yourself. It’s not a quick fix diet but an all-in-one health and fitness course run in partnership with NHS Lanarkshire. Even better it’s free for Access NL members and great value for non-members.

Join Weigh To Go and you’ll be part of a small group of people (15 at most) with a common goal. Your group is led and supported by a health and fitness expert who’ll guide and inspire you. They’ll encourage you to choose healthy eating options. They’ll motivate you to take exercise, building up to 45-minute sessions, and set realistic targets you can stick to. At the end of the course they’ll recommend fitness options to help you maintain and sustain a healthy weight.

Weigh To Go sessions are available at a range of different venues across North Lanarkshire. Phone or email to sign up.

Last updated 17/09/2018

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