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What do we do?

Benefits and Tax Credits

The Welfare Rights Team can help Dundee residents sort out a wide range of benefit and tax credit problems. We can identify what benefits you may be entitled to, assess the merits of your case if you want to challenge a decision, and represent you at tribunal if you have a case.

For example: your claim for benefit or tax credits may have been refused, your benefit may have stopped, you may want to see if benefit can be backdated or report a change in circumstance, or you may have been over paid.

Money Advice and Debt Counselling

We can also give you advice about your debts, and help you in various ways if you owe money and are having problems paying it back.

There are various sorts of debt problems, for example:
•behind with the rent or mortgage,
•owing money for electricity, gas or Council Tax
•owing money to a loan shark,
•owing money to a bank or other lender,
•owing money for court fines,
•behind with catalogue payments.

How can we help with debt problems?

Often people have more than one debt - we can help people sort out multiple debt problems in a number of ways:
•we can help you sort out your debt problem in the best way for you
•we can check your benefits to make sure you are getting all the money that you should
•we can help arrange for the payments on what you owe to be reduced
•we can go to tribunal with you if you need help with an appeal
•we can help you to regain control of your finances

We won't make any judgment about why you are in debt. Our job is to help sort out the problem, regardless of how the debts arose.

Why is our service needed?

You may not be aware of your entitlements

Welfare Benefits rules and regulations are complex, as is the law relating to credit and debt. That's why it is important that people in Dundee have access to teams like the Welfare Rights Service where they can get free independent

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