Write to Recovery

by Scottish Recovery Network (SRN)

Write to Recovery is a digital tool designed to empower people affected by mental health problems to experience recovery by creating and taking control of their own story. There is growing evidence that tells us that sharing recovery stories have much to offer in terms of recovery, wellbeing, resilience, identity and meaning.

Many people with mental health problems spend time being assessed and assisted by professionals and social services. Naturally, the conversations are often focused on the negative effects of mental ill health. As a result of repeating these conversations over time, the problems and difficulties begin to define who the person is. For example, the person’s ‘story’ might become ‘I am someone with a drug problem’ or ‘I am someone who has had a traumatic experience’.

While these facts are true, they are not the whole story – or the whole person. The fact is that many people with mental health problems have had to face severe hardships – yet they’ve survived. So it’s clear they have exceptional resilience and strength. But for as long as they stay focused on the negative effects of mental ill health, it’s unlikely they’ll see these positive qualities. And that can hinder recovery.

When you write your story, you can begin to look back on your experiences over time and to reflect on your journey of recovery, with all its ups and downs. Creating your story can also help you see some of the things that might help with your recovery – and some of the things that might hinder it. For example, you might gain a new outlook on something, discover some positive qualities you never knew you had, or work out who or what you really value in life. Similarly you might see who or what is not helping your recovery and begin to think about ways you can change things and take more control of your life.

Last updated 17/09/2018

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