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ALISS – A Local Information System for Scotland

ALISS is a national digital programme enabling people and professionals to find and share information on resources, services, groups, and support in their local communities and online.

ALISS can help you find information about resources like:

  • services that provide support for managing long term conditions
  • groups that support social and community connection (e.g., local choirs, book groups, befriending)
  • activities that offer opportunities for getting more active and for getting outdoors (e.g., badminton clubs, community gardens)
  • practical, legal, and financial support (e.g., money advice, advocacy services)
  • digital technology that can support health and social care (e.g., online forums, health related mobile apps).

ALISS aims to ensure that everyone in Scotland has the right information, at the right time, about resources that are available to help them live well and stay connected to their community.


Resources you can find on ALISS are added and edited by people living and working in the community. This means that if you cannot find the service you are looking for, you can add it to the system by creating an account.

You can find guidance on how to Add to ALISS here.

More information

ALISS is funded by the Scottish Government and is part of the wider Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE). ALISS is coproduced with people and professionals in Scotland’s communities and values local and national resources as the key to living well.

Information found on ALISS can also be found on other sites and systems, such as:

You can find out more about the ALISS Programme by visiting the ALLIANCE website.


Last reviewed: January 2024

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