Quaker Social Action

We are a charity that is always evolving in order to provide the right level of support, at the right time, in the right way. Our mission and our values, however, remain constant:

We enable people on low incomes in east London and across the UK to seek solutions to the issues affecting their lives.
To do this we listen and respond to the needs of the community by running practical, sustainable and collaborative projects.
We share our work with others when it is clear that it has the potential to bring benefits to communities outside of our own.
We deliver a fifth of our work across the UK. The rest of our time is spent working in London. Our work has three levels:

Working directly with people in need.
Training other professionals who work with people in need
Campaigning for change on a national level

Last updated 17/09/2018

Contact information

020 8983 5030


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