National Association for Children of Alcoholics (Nacoa)


The National Association for Children of Alcoholics (Nacoa) is a registered charity (No. 1009143), founded in 1990 to address the needs of children growing up in families where one or both parents suffer from alcoholism or a similar addictive problem. This includes children of all ages, many of whose problems only become apparent in adulthood.

Nacoa has four broad aims:

To offer information, advice and support to children of alcohol-dependent parents
To reach professionals who work with these children
To raise their profile in the public consciousness
To promote research into:
the particular problems faced by those who grow up with parental alcoholism
the prevention of alcoholism developing in this vulnerable group of children

Last updated 17/09/2018

Contact information

0117 924 8005


  • At Nacoa, we understand what it is like when a parent drinks too much. We won’t judge and we are here to help you for as long as you want.


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