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Arainn Fhinn -The Fingal Centre

The Fingal Centre was opened in 2008 and is part of a new development which includes state of the art community facilities and a new high school.

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Indoor Cycling

By: Arainn Fhinn -The Fingal Centre.

Stationary group cycle class, control your resistance and effort throughout the ride. Experience hills, flats & sprints. Designed to build strength and endurance.

Swimming Pool

By: Arainn Fhinn -The Fingal Centre.

Our deck level, 5 lane, 25m swimming pool has moveable floor and boom which can be set to any depth between 0.0m and 2.3m. Bathers with restricted mobility can easily access the swimming pool using ou...


By: Arainn Fhinn -The Fingal Centre.

A system of positional exercise to improve all components of fitness and promote overall wellbeing.

Fatburn Extreme

By: Arainn Fhinn -The Fingal Centre.

Fatburn Extreme is a 20-minute workout, scientifically proven, to maximise results in minimum time. Boost metabolism, improve speed & power with bodyweight.


By: Arainn Fhinn -The Fingal Centre.

Incredibly popular class aimed at improving balance, flexibility and core strength. A system that focuses on stretching and strengthening the whole body to improve balance and posture.


By: Arainn Fhinn -The Fingal Centre.

Keep fit class in the pool...fabulous fun!
Weekly sessions every Thursday at 14:30 pm - 15:30 pm at the Fingal Centre Pool.

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