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Avenue is a charity in the North East of Scotland that supports families and individuals, with a focus on relationships and wellbeing. We provide a range of services to encourage personal growth, strengthen relationships, promote family wellbeing, support children and enable healthy environments for all.

Many of our services can be accessed remotely, so please get in touch to see what is available for you.

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Art Therapy

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Art therapy uses creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, colouring and sculpting to help us express ourselves. Within this context, art is not used as a diagnostic tool but as a medium to a...

Children and Young People’s Counselling

This is a Claimed service

Young people are faced with many difficult situations in their day-to-day lives, such as family separation, bullying, abuse, peer pressure or bereavement. These can be difficult for young people to manage ...

Couple Counselling (Relationship)

This is a Claimed service

Relationships are central to our lives, so when they are under stress or breaking down, we often feel confused, sad and alone.

Perhaps your relationship is getting you down and you don’t know how to...

Family Mediation

This is a Claimed service

Separation and divorce are difficult for most families. Usually there’s a lot to sort out at the time of separation, or even years later. You may be worried about living arrangements, how you will parent ...

Family Therapy

This is a Claimed service

All families go through tough times. Communication difficulties, tension and arguments are common. When we feel misunderstood and unable to communicate, emotions and stress become heightened, sometimes bey...

Individual counselling

This is a Claimed service

We all face difficult times in our lives, and sometimes this can leave us feeling overwhelmed, frightened, anxious or unhappy. This might be as a result of illness, work issues, bereavement, relationship t...

Parenting Apart

This is a Claimed service

When families separate, it can be difficult for everyone. Our one-off Parenting Apart groups can help you to understand what you and your children are going through, help your children cope, work together ...

Play Therapy for Children

This is a Claimed service

Children are sensitive to what’s happening around them, but they don’t always have the language to explain when something’s wrong. They often express any unhappiness or unease through their behaviour. It c...

Psychosexual Therapy

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Many of us experience sexual difficulty at some point in our lives. These often have their roots in our emotions, but they can be caused by or lead to physical problems. Psychosexual therapy can help us to...

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