Ayrshire Hospice

The Ayrshire Hospice provides outstanding quality care and services which helps those with any life-limiting illness. Care is provided where there is no cure for the condition, but which improves the quality of each day for people who have a limited time to live.

Our charity helps adults throughout Ayrshire and Arran with life-limiting illness such as cancer, neurological conditions, end stage heart failure and lung disease.

We help people to live as actively as they can to the end of their lives - however long that may be, wherever that may be. The care we provide not only seeks to alleviate pain and symptoms, but also allows people to stay engaged with friends, family and their community. We not only look after people’s physical needs but also attend to their emotional, spiritual and social needs too.

The patient and their family are at the centre of all the care we provide. Family members, close friends and carers are also supported both during a person’s illness and following bereavement.

Last updated 17/09/2018

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  • Our respite and response service offers support to patients with life-limiting illness and carers at home. The hospice team help people who want...

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