Ayrshire Ladies Social Sisterhood

Whether your new to the area or your friends have moved on, family have grown up and you find yourself at a loose end at any time of the day through week or at the weekend, i'm sure there will be an event or 2 that would brighten up your diary.

We welcome ladies of any age to join the group and would actively encourage group members to host an event or 2 every now and again to keep the calendar busy with a variety of events, whether it's suggesting a Meet Up for a weekday coffee, a night at the cinema, a tribute night, a meal and drinks or a get together for a walk.

Group is hosted through Meet Up website which charges for having a group so there will be a £3 annual charge to group members. The group is non profit and as long as running costs are covered, anything over and above the MU costs will be donated to charity.

Last updated 17/09/2018