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We’re a Scottish charity dedicated to raising awareness about testicular cancer. We’re here to shout the benefits of education and self-checks!

Early detection means more effective treatment. Regular checks are important for every man you know. And every man needs to know what to look for.

You’ll find us doing our work at schools, colleges, community hubs and events. We want to get everyone talking — and checking!

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Testicular cancer education and awareness talks

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  • Scotland

We want testicular health to be talked about openly and self-checks to be part of everyone’s monthly routine. At events, workplaces and education establishments, we share our message about the symptoms of ...

Testicular cancer self check guide and reminders

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  • Scotland

This resource is a designed to help you go through a self-check guide for testicular cancer signs or symptoms. You can also sign up with your mobile number and we’ll text you a monthly self-check reminder....

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