Do you know anyone with transport issues?  Do you or your family, clients, neighbours or friends struggle to access Health and Social Care services because of transport issues?

In the Grampian area a range of organisations are working together to help make it easier for people to access transport information. 

THInC provides advice for residents in Grampian on the transport options available to them for Health and Social Care appointments.  If people can use public transport we can provide information on bus and/or train services. If not we signpost people to transport providers that best suit their needs. Please note we are not a transport booking service.  

THInC is funded by NHS Grampian, Nestrans, Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire Councils.  The project is being delivered within the remit of the Grampian-wide Health and Transport Action Plan

Last updated 17/09/2018

Contact information

01467 536111


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