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Kinloss Ki Aikido Society

Ki Aikido is a spiritual martial art; more 'art' than 'martial'. It seeks to blend and harmonise to avoid conflict; self-defence without injury to self or others. There are no tournaments or competitions. Ki Aikido does not rely on bodily strength but rather on the unification of mind and body. Therefore Ki Aikido is beneficial and more suited to a wider audience, regardless of age, physical stature or gender. Most importantly, the Ki Aikido philosophies and practices concentrate on self-cultivation and can be applied beneficially to every-day life to improve both physical and mental well-being.

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The Kinloss Ki Society is a member of Highland Ki Societies.

There are training classes in Kinloss on Thursday nights at 19:00 and Sunday nights at 17:00.

There is a Wednesday class in Invern...

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