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Living Golf - Loving Life

Living Golf uses the action of hitting a golfball to empower people by integrating left & right brain. It is fun and makes us feel happy. The result is true personal power, confidence and resilience. Improving social isolation, self-management skills, social cohesion.
We offer three services
1. Living Golf Indoors - in schools, meeting places, community halls, offices Living Golf has its base in Moray but is able to offer services across Scotland.
2. Living Golf Outdoors on golf driving ranges - any suitable golf facility
3. Living Golf Tournaments at Covesea Golf Links in Moray

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Living Golf Indoor Session

Delivered across:
  • Highland
  • Moray
  • Aberdeenshire

Living Golf Indoor sessions are a powerful introduction to Living Golf. Participants have an opportunity to hit plastic balls into a net. It is safe and easy.
Everyone can join: all ages, all backgroun...

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