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Sleep Scotland

Sleep Scotland is a charity founded in 1998 to address the sleep problems of children and young people with disabilities and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The charity was created to fill a gap in existing services and today Sleep Scotland remains the only organisation in Scotland to provide help, support and training specifically on sleep.

Sleep Scotland’s aims are:
1. To improve the quality of life for families of children with additional support needs and who have sleep problems by providing the most appropriate intervention.
2. To increase the chances of children and young people to reach their potential.
3. To raise awareness of the impact of sleep deprivation on the health and wellbeing of families nation-wide.

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Sleep Support Line

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  • Scotland

Sleep Scotland's free Sleep Support Line provides advice and guidance to parents and guardians of children aged between 18 months and 18 years, who are struggling with their child and/or teenagers’ sleep p...

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