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Volunteer Dundee

Volunteer Dundee believes that volunteering changes lives and helps to make Dundee a better place. Volunteering could change your life, and through it you could change the lives of others; are you ready to be a part of that? Do you have what it takes to make a difference – because we think that you do!

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DIAL-OP - Blether Buddies

Delivered across:
  • Dundee City

Blether Buddies offers friendship to isolated and lonely people in Dundee. Weekly calls are provided by our trained and supported volunteers. The calls are made Monday to Friday and last around 30 minute...

DIAL-OP - Morning Call

Delivered across:
  • Dundee City

Morning Call is a free outreach telephone service that aims to provide reassurance and connectivity to people who are vulnerable and/or isolated. Volunteers offer a short, scheduled, morning call to check ...

DIAL-OP - Information Line

Delivered across:
  • Dundee City

A local information helpline offering easy-to-access information to adults and their carers in Dundee. DIAL-OP is a first point of contact for people who have any type of query or concern and are not sure...

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