Physi-Ball Classes

by Enjoy-a-Ball

Fun sports coaching sessions for toddlers, aged between 18 months and 36 months.

During the program children will work to develop their:

- Core stability through a series of fun and interactive exercises which involves the use of a mini ‘Swiss Ball’

- Balance, jumping, hand-eye coordination, rhythm awareness and cognitive ability, which includes following instructions.

- Left and right coordination and midline crossing ability – an essential part of development that helps children to develop the ability to engage both halves of the brain which is important in all aspects of life including reading and writing.

- Interest in group participation, which is vital for the future sporting, team and social skills.

Crucially, whilst your child will be developing many vital fundamental motor and life skills they will also be having a huge amount of fun in the process! Parent participation provides a fantastic opportunity for mums, dads and other carers to bond with their children.

Last updated 09/10/2018

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