Dundee Handyperson Service

by Dundee City Council Claimed ( Safe Housing, Housing Advice )

The Handyperson Service, as part of Dundee City Council’s
Home Care Service, is committed to sustaining and
supporting people in their own homes by undertaking certain
maintenance tasks and a home safety assessment. All staff
have been police checked (Disclosure Scotland) and carry
identity cards.
What does the Handyperson Service offer?
The available services include:
a. changing light bulbs
b. installing smoke alarms and replacing batteries
c. taking down and putting up curtains
d. undertaking safety checks of household
electrical items, e.g., electric blankets, lights, kettles,
irons, microwaves, etc.
e. moving furniture within a room
f. ensuring floor coverings are safe
g. undertaking a home safety assessment

The request can be made by yourself, a relative or friend, or
from someone in Health, Social Work or any other agency who
is already involved in providing care and support to you.
If you are in hospital, there are social workers whom the ward
staff can approach on your behalf.
The service cannot provide an immediate/emergency response
and there may be a need to prioritise the availability of the
service. Priority will be given to those people who are:
a. of pensionable age
b. chronically sick or disabled
c. on a low income

Last updated 17 Sep 2018, 4:22 p.m.

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01382 432437

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