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Individual support and signposting

by COPE Scotland Claimed ( eHealth, Mental Health Issues, Health Literacy )

COPE Scotland isn’t a counselling service. Services we offer are based on what people using the service have asked for. Pragmatic solution focused interventions aimed at providing tools and support to role with life’s
challenges, including tips which support self management. Being led by the voices of lived experience and co designing solutions to promote wellness is core to our values and ways of working. Direct services we offer in the West of Glasgow includes:

• Active listening, because people have shared they want to be heard
• Shared decision making as its about your life and what is important to
• Professional evidence based individual interventions from fully qualified
and experienced wellness advisers hired by COPE Scotland to work with
• New insights and awareness about supports for long term condition
• Learning opportunities at workshops and events
• Materials to take home and use in your day to day life
• Access to relaxation facilities
• Signposting to other services and supports where what COPE offers is
not enough

Reasons why someone would attend COPE

Sometimes life throws us challenges which can cause us great emotional and/or mental upset;

• Losing someone we care about
• Feeling stressed by too many demands and not feeling able to do
everything that it feels everyone expects
• Feeling anxious about the future
• Losing confidence and belief in yourself that you can do anything to
make this more tolerable
• Feeling sad and confused how things got this way
• Knowing you need support and things need to change but not knowing
what steps to take
• And many other reasons where we just don’t feel like ourselves anymore

How to access COPE

We offer support to individuals aged 16 and over who live in West
Glasgow from 20 Drumchapel Road, also on a Tuesday at Yoker
Resource Centre. Wellness tools and tips is available through our website to anyone who accesses the site

If you live in West Glasgow and want to make an appointment to speak to someone please phone 0141 944 5490 or email or text 07763 743 296.

We regret we do not have a drop in so sessions are by appointment only and we are sorry, we cannot offer home visits. You are welcome to bring someone with you for your initial appointment and support dogs are very welcome, all we ask is you let us know in advance in case we need to make allowances for any other people in the building who are afraid of dogs. If you have any access requirements we can discuss this when you make your appointment.

We aim to offer a first appointment within 10 days, this is a
chance for us to meet and find out what support you are seeking.
We will share what we can offer and if we cannot meet all your
needs will try and suggest other services and resources.

If you decide to engage with us a follow up appointment is offered
within 10 days where possible. The ongoing package of support
would be agreed by you and your wellness advisor.
If you don’t live in West Glasgow you can access materials through
our website

COPE Scotland is a place of kindness and caring and we ask all
those who use our building to support making it a safe and calm
environment for all.

Services are free thanks to funding from Glasgow City Council Integrated
Grants funding and the Scottish Government Transforming Self Management in Scotland fund through the Health and Social Care Alliance and our own income generation activities, we do not ask for suggested donations. Services are free

Our opening hours are as follows:

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 9am-5.30pm
Tuesday 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-2.30pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

We are also closed each day Monday-Thursday 1pm-1.45pm for the team lunch break. We are a very small team and we work very hard to do the best we can, and the team need a proper lunch break so they are at their best to offer people support. We are too small a team to split lunches hence we close for 45min

These are some of the things people shared about the difference using COPE made for them:

‘’So uplifting it was brilliant making you feel more
yourself and confident…’’
‘’Listened and made me laugh I feel comfortable and
at ease’’
‘’Very relaxing, it was great’’
‘’Listened and gave me hope to rebuild my mental and physical health and made me feel safe’’
‘’You listened to me, helped me explain what was wrong and explained how you thought you could help, thank you’’
‘’Very helpful and explained things well and listened to me, everything is beautiful here and relaxing’’
‘’Listened to my problems and offered ways to deal with them in my mind, I was very satisfied’’
‘’Great support and guidance 100% feeling better’’
‘’The service gave me piece of mind when I really needed it the techniques to deal with my problems that COPE has given me have helped so much’’

We are sorry we only offer direct support in West Glasgow and this is the only COPE, however, COPE Scotland is keen to share what we have learned for others to adopt and adapt in their area.

Thank you for reading
COPE Scotland

Last updated 17 Sep 2018, 4:22 p.m.

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