The 24/7 grid

by 247grid

Buying your own care, managing a direct Payment, employing a personal assistant can be a daunting task, so a family carer designed the 247grid as a secure online costing support planning tool to give others the confidence to do it.

It is a simple visual way to map your daily activities over an average week and will calculate how much it would cost if you need to pay for your support and any services.

Use it to prepare for your social care assessment. Map what you can do your self as well as where you need support.

If you already have a Direct Payment (option 1), the 247grid helps you to manage how you spend it.
If you have chosen an ISF, where your chosen provider holds your budget on your behalf (option 2), you can ask the provider to use the 247grid to design your support with you, and show you how they are spending your budget.
If you employ a PA (personal assistant(s), the 247grid will calculate the hours they work and how much you need to pay* them. (*this will be at the gross hourly rate.)
If you regularly share your support with others, by pooling your budgets, the 247grid will calculate the % you need to pay towards it.
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Ask your local authority if they are licensed to use the 247grid, as your account may be free** (**licensed LAs issue voucher codes)

Last updated 17/09/2018

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