The Budgeting Service

by South East Glasgow Law and Money Advice Service

The Budgeting Service offers free and confidential Financial Management advice and help and aims:
To support individuals in making payments to their creditors; consumer credit, bank loans, rent and council tax arrears.
to support vulnerable people in paying their ongoing liabilities eg gas, electricity , phone bills.
to prevent legal actions and evictions.
to take the stress out of making payments.
to prevent people from feeling pressurised by debt letters and reminders.
to help people manage their finances if they feel they need that level of support and where it is appropriate.

Clients may be referred from a money advisor or welfare rights worker after having discussed their financial situation in detail and deciding that The Budgeting Service is the right option for them.

If you need assistance paying debts, you can self-refer to The Budgeting Service if you have already seen a money advisor and a repayment agreement has been put in place.

If you need assistance in paying ongoing liabilities; ie gas, electricity, phone bill, TV licence etc, you can self-refer and use our bill payment service

Last updated 17/09/2018

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