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No Feart Community Interest Company


Educating victims and perpetrators about past or present abuse.
We provide aprox 12 week courses for women,
2 day courses for men.
Contact us or visit website for more information.

Last updated 30 Apr 2019, 2:13 p.m.

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  • Abuse education for victims and perpetrators of past or present abuse.
    Aproximately 12 weeks course for women
    2 day courses for men

    Sexual Violence

    Glasgow City

  • Aprox 12 weeks course on understanding codependency in our lives.
    Codependency arises from difficulties in knowing ourselves, appropriately...

    Women's Health, Therapy, Mental Health Issues

    Glasgow City

  • Facing love addiction is apron 12 week course.
    This addiction manifests from codependency issues (see our course on codependency)

    Women's Health, Therapy, Mental Health Issues

    Glasgow City